Sunday, January 20, 2013

Magic Dice Puzzle

Hey guys have you ever felt like you are losing your marbles?  Don’t worry you are not alone.  Just ask George Bell ;)  Today I’m going to try to review the Magic Dice Puzzle.  You say that you like dice and you are missing a few marbles?  I might have a puzzle for you.  So the “magic” in the Magic Dice Puzzle is that you are given a clear marble and the object of the puzzle is place the marble in the wooden dice through the “one” side, shake it up, and try to get it back out.  Oh my, the demented joy of being a puzzle rookie!  Sounds too easy you say.  It really isn’t that hard but I regret not getting another one simply because I’ve been getting a strong urge to play my board games and two of these would be awesome.  You can always put in more marbles and make it more challenging but then again there is always the possibility of losing more of your marbles.  Oh man that one hurt my head.  I must ascend to the tenth level of enumeration because the crimson wizard beckons me.  Puzzle Master.  You will find the Magic Dice Puzzle there.  Go there.  

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