Friday, January 11, 2013

Light Bulb Puzzle

Hello puzzle maniacs!!!  It’s 2013 and we are all still here!  It is puzzle review time and this week I’m going to talk about the Light Bulb Puzzle.  This is a wire and string puzzle and the object is to figure out a way to remove the string and wooden plug from the wire light bulb.  The puzzle is a delightful addition to my collection.  It is rather light in the difficulty scale.  Puzzle Master rates it at a 5 out of 10 and that is about right.  I think that this puzzle is still worthy of your hard earned money because it looks fantastic and provides a light distraction.  I would also say that this puzzle makes for a thoughtful gift.  Maybe a friend is struggling with some creative endeavor like writing or creating the next award winning IPP puzzle.  My suggestion would be take the puzzle and a really loud smurf and place it in an old twinkie box.  Rig the smurf to go off when the package is opened.  Will this stimulate the creative juices?  Well it might stimulate the adrenal gland juices.  Guess where I received this puzzle?  That’s right from the nice people in Canada.  Unfortunately the puzzle is not available as of this moment but Puzzle Master is pretty good about restocking their puzzles.   

Special note:  No smurfs were seriously injured or juggled through creating this review. 


  1. Welcome back to blogging!
    I do quite fancy this one and it would appear that the string doesn't end up in a huge knot!



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