Monday, September 3, 2012

Cast Donuts

Oh yeah this week I have a cool puzzle!!!  It is the Cast Donuts puzzle and it was designed by a guy in Finland named Vesa Timonen.  The puzzle is made of four pieces that form two rings and the rings are intertwined.  I really like the look and feel of this puzzle.  In fact, I find myself putting the puzzle in my pocket a lot.  This is because I like the smooth feel of the puzzle.  Solving this puzzle isn’t very difficult but the puzzle mechanics is very cool.  I had to solve the puzzle a few times to understand the solution method.  Once the mechanism is understood, it can be solved in a few seconds.  This is my favorite cast puzzle (at the moment) and that is saying a lot because most of my cast puzzles are exceptional.  This puzzle kicks ass and I highly recommend it.  I received this puzzle from PuzzleMaster and you can find the solution here.  


  1. I love it too!
    When I give it to non-puzzlers, it is surprising how many fail to work it out and for those that do it takes a hell of a long time!


  2. That's weird, I doubt you could solve my copy in a few seconds. It is super-tight and takes me at least 30 seconds to get it apart! You have to almost pry the pieces apart.

  3. I can get apart in about 5 seconds. You have to set it up just right and it will fall apart.

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