Saturday, August 25, 2012

Daily Puzzle

Have you ever wanted a puzzle that requires a different solution every freaking day of the year!?  Look no further puzzle maniacs because the Daily Puzzle by Thinkfun will keep you puzzling all year long!  This puzzle was invented by Oskar van Deventer and Wei-Hwa Huang.  So the object of this puzzle is to display the current date with the tiles provided.  There are a total of 10 tiles.  For the month, there are six tiles.  For the day of the month, there are four tiles.  The tiles themselves are double sided so the solution can be challenging sometimes especially when the month changes.  In addition, each correct letter or number is form by stacking two tiles.  The tiles are placed on the provided plastic display tray.  I really like this puzzle because of the challenge it provides ever day of the year.  The display tray is a little flimsy.  I wish the plastic was a little thicker.  However, I still think this puzzle is awesome because of the daily challenge and besides you are not going to be using the tray to hold a giant panda.  Although I would say that, you should try not to move the tray too much or the tiles will fall out.  A little care is required.  I received this free review puzzle directly from Thinkfun.  To see a brief video of the puzzle click here.  


  1. This is an awesome concept! Now, to get it even more challenging, it would be nice to add the year as well, or the day of the week :P

  2. Ha! Yeah they should make a time maniac edition where the tiles are the teeth and the tray is a face. The face should look like a guy completely spazing out. When you get the right solution the eyes should roll back signifying bro man passed out.



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